Natural Circle

RAW furniture is designed for circularity

Natural Circle

We keep our word. Claiming the quality and durability of our pieces is unprecedented, we back it up with even more responsibility - putting it in full circle. Furniture is not disposable. The way we design and manufacture ours is entirely concentrated on keeping the sustainable approach in flow. Each and every of our pieces is created in a way, which makes it easy to use it on a daily basis, take care of it, change its components and pass it on to the following generations. That’s the way furniture should come - in full circe.

Natural Circle

Read about our circular approach

Step 1. Know better

Sometimes it is good to know more. Hence we prepared some very condensed compendium to make gaining the most vital facts easy for you. Feel free to click the link and find out more.




Step 2. Take care

No true value without good care. We provide you with all the knowledge and tools to make sure our furnitures potential is reached daily and for years to come. Heres where our special Care Kit comes to play. Literally, because thats how easy it is to use. Comprised of sandpaper and hard wax oil, it serves as the perfect companion in the process of looking after your pieces. The process, repeated yearly, guarantees the state of them stay as flawless as can be.




Step 3. Replace what is damaged

We are sensible of the fact, that life happens and various events make us want or need to change the way our initial furniture looked like. We are here for you. Thats why following into the steps of whatever your needs may be is our priority. If the damage is induced, we make sure to incorporate fixes that will satisfy you entirely. Just let us know and we will do anything to find the most  solution.




Step 4. Let us renovate it


Sometimes it is too much hassle to fix the damage or refresh furniture and thats where we are more than happy to help. Our workshop is naturally equipped both in every skill, and in a tool that may be needed for the task. Just let us know what we can do for you and we will get down to work.




Wood is a material like nothing else - 100% natural, breathing and forever changing. With great value, comes great responsibility, so here are some most basic information on what having wooden furniture comes with.