Return to nature

Wood is what we breathe

Our greatest passion we’ve shared with you since 2013, strongly believing that communing with nature on a daily basis significantly enhances our overall well-being. We design and manufacture wooden furniture in Roztocze region, Poland, focusing on indigenousness of all the processes involved, which altogether bear fruit in the form of unique, sustainable and every kind of interior enhancing furniture. Nature is the key.

RAW in numbers

  • 1,5k Happy customers
  • 36,6t Annual CO2 reduction
  • 100% Natural materials
  • 100% green energy

Our sustainable approach

In-house production

Logging wood directly from local forests ensures us about its value and high quality. We have our own sawmill and carpentry workshop located in the heart of Roztocze. Every part of the process, from obtaining the wood to making sure the furniture gets to your home safe and sound, is fully in our hands. Passionate craftsmanship is our ultimate tool. Loving what we do to the absolute highest pitches is how we manage to create pieces that overflow with good energy. Each and every craftsman, who creates your furniture, firmly stands as an advocate for a belief that RAW art translates to your reception, hence polishing our skills and reinforcing them with the newest technologies, in order to provide you with the best quality possible intertwined with love, is what we are all about. That is fixed as growth rings in our oak trees.

Natural materials

Mindfulness is the way to go through life. The more purpose our surroundings have, the healthier we are. Our certified oak wood provides the sense of stability, rawness and balance. Its inimitable sustainability is growing on more and more people who seek solutions that last. As a combination of unimaginable durability and health promoting qualities, the wood is 100% recyclable. With different styles making their appearance constantly, wood’s position in all kinds of interiors is only getting stronger and more persistent.


We put a lot of diligence and heart into each and every piece, hence having control every step of the way is vital. One of our main goals during the designing process is to enhance the beauty of wood and artfully sculpt it into shapes that will factually bring value to your everyday life. To do so, we use the most traditional woodworking techniques with care towards the material and fortify them with the most innovative technology. That kind of seamless balance allow us to achieve the impeccable quality of furniture that lasts for ages.


Circularity is our priority

Sustainable design

Natural Circle
Our furniture stands firmly as a promise of responsibility and well-thought out path of use. We design our pieces with the most deliberate intention of flexibility. The circular approach is based on changeability of times and the furniture itself. Being aware of that, we guarantee our designs to be malleable to changes. That may occur by the influence of various factors, such as personal taste, damages or specific interior - we are able to make every piece fit to those. Just let us know and let the circle of responsible design flow undisturbingly.


To reduce overproduction
To support our mission of promoting the natural approach to living, we incorporate the system of manufacturing our furniture right after you order your piece. That way, we are able to overcome the issue of overproduction completely. Whatever we do has its purpose.

Think green

100% Green energy
Our values concerning production are based on environment - we support it and derive from it. Every step along the way is possible owing to green energy. Our workshop runs entirely on the energy converted from sunlight - photovoltaic panels are 100% sufficient. The ultimate life changer.